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Ana Garcia is a very hard working, established and dedicated teacher; she really wants you to dance your very best through demonstration, repetition, guidance as well as explanation, be it with live classes or online.


She has a very good sense of humour and lets us know not to worry if we don't get a step straight away. She has also created some very skilled choreographies, which really help one to grow as a dancer 


I like how she goes over material again and again. to make sure you understand it .She also makes sure you are safe, she corrects and encourages you. She is firm and fair and gives you a very firm foundation in flamenco. With her live online classes, Ana goes the extra mile to video supplementary exercises, phrases and choreography. She tries her best to move a 2 D class into 3 dimension.


You get your money 's worth from this class : you get the background, musicality ,technique , artistry, as well as sheer hard work. 

Maureen, Improvers class

I love lessons with Ana. Yes flamenco is complicated and takes years and years to get any good, but the atmosphere in lessons is always so fun and friendly that it doesn't feel daunting or embarassing. Ana makes us all feel very at ease with our struggles and will patiently explain to us week after week how to do steps, and we do make progress! 


Ana also organises fun social events where we can experience flamenco as it should be - socially, with a live musician, food and people dancing together and this is a really lovely way of using what we have learned in a year in a real life context. Lessons are challenging but not too challenging and Ana finds a good balance of giving individual feedback without anyone feeling picked on or ignored.

Sarah, Improvers class


I’ve been practicing Flamenco with Ana since 2017, taking both group and private lessons, and this fiery dance has now become an integral part of my life. I love Ana’s teaching style and the way she brings up the energy in the class, also her ability to guide us even through the most difficult parts of choreography with attention to every student’s individual challenges while also maintaining a very friendly atmosphere. Me and the other students even started feeling part of a little Flamenco community!


When the lockdown started, we were all worried this would put a halt on the classes we’re all looking forward to so much every week. Now I’m extremely grateful for Ana’s online lessons. Ana coped brilliantly with this new challenge and manages to maintain the energy and momentum through the online lessons and Ana still is able to give us valuable corrections and moves us forward through the choreography at the comfortable pace for everyone. We’re still connecting and still having great fun in the lessons, even though not physically in the same place. Great job Ana, keep up the good work!

Maria, Intermediate/Advanced class

The heart of flamenco continues to beat even during lockdown, with weekly
online classes via Zoom hosted by Ana Garcia. Ana has kept the flamenco spirit
alive in all of us through her hard work and determination to keep our classes
going no matter what. There are levels to suit different abilities, and the
atmosphere is friendly and informal with plenty of opportunity to ask
questions. Ana demonstrates each new step slowly and clearly, and will go
over it repeatedly until everyone is happy to move on. With exciting
choreographies and video clips of the class for us to practise to during the
week, this is an unmissable opportunity to beat the lockdown gloom. Ole!!

The standard and expectations are high, but although Ana works us hard she is very patient and quick to give praise where it is due. We are all encouraged to dance to the best of our ability – to build on our strengths and improve in those areas where we are less confident. Above all the classes are friendly and fun, and with interesting and challenging choreographies danced to live guitar music are a must for either beginners or those with experience but looking to improve their level of skill as part of a thriving flamenco community within Birmingham. Ole!!

Rose, Intermediate/Advanced class

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