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Ana is a passionate and inspiring choreographer. She collaborated with leading European director Calixto Bieito as a choreographer for the play “La Celestina”, (a co production between Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Edinburgh International Festival, 2004).
For the last 11 years, Ana has worked at Montpellier Opera House, France, choreographing the Dance of Salomé in a ground-breaking twin production of both the Strauss and Mariotte versions of the opera (directed by Carlos Wagner). Since then, Ana has kept working with Carlos and has choreographed “Los Sobrinos del Capitan Grant” (Nancy), “La Vie Parisienne” (Nancy, Montpellier, and more recently Nantes), “Carmen” (Metz, Nancy, Dusseldorf, Bonn and more recently Oviedo) and La Damnation Du Faust in Sankt Gallen (Swizerland).
Last September Ana was also invited to Buenos Aires to direct and choreograph the acclaimed Argentinean Tango Dance Company, “Otango”.  In the summer 2016, Ana performed and collaborated in “They Shall no Pass”, a piece commissioned by and for Shrewsbury Folk Festival and “Dancing Feet project”.

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