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My Story

Ana was born in Valdepeñas Spain and started dancing at an early age when she attended classes at her local dance school.


Ana took her exams in Classical Ballet and Spanish dance at the Malaga Conservatoire, Ana achieved outstanding exam results and went on to make a career in Flamenco.


In 2002 Ana started performing with her new Flamenco dance company, “Alma” achieving remarkable critical and popular acclaim.


Since then the company has performed all over the UK - creating artistic relationships with venues and other companies like Anureka Gosh & Company with which the did a fusion of Flamenco and Kathak music and dance. Alma has been performing in prestigious venues like Royal Albert Hall, Symphony Hall and it has also appeared at Edinburgh Festival in numerous occasions.


Ana is a passionate and inspiring teacher and choreographer. She has collaborated with other choreographer as Sonia Sabri and Carlos Pons, to name but a few.


Ana was appointed by leading European director Calixto Bieito as a choreographer for the play “La Celestina”, (a co production between Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Edinburgh International Festival, 2004).

Since then, Ana has worked at Montpellier Opera House, France, choreographing the Dance of Salomé in a ground-breaking twin production of both the Strauss and Mariotte versions of the opera (directed by Carlos Wagner).


Ana has kept working with Carlos and has choreographed “Los Sobrinos del Capitan Grant” (Nancy), 

“La Vie Parisienne” (Nancy, Montpellier, and more recently Nantes), “Carmen” (Metz, Nancy, Dusseldorf, Bonn and more recently Oviedo (Teatro Campoamor).

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