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School Workshops

As well as her permanent teaching position at the prestigious Elmhurst School, Ana has been visiting many schools over the years and have a great experience delivering workshops for primary, secondary and special needs schools.

Within the session the children will learn about the history and origins of Flamenco, Rhythm, clapping, footwork, arms and hands movements and by the end of the session the participants will be able to dance a short piece. In my experience the children love performing at the end, and the boys also love it because it is a very masculine dance.

If this is what you are looking for please let us know and we will send you prices. I recommend we bring a guitarist to the sessions, it makes the experience more real and enjoyable for the children, and for myself!

A few testimonials:

“ An incredible experience for all the students, they thoroughly  enjoyed their day learning about Flamenco, the history, the dance, the rhythms, and some new Spanish words!…” Kerry King, Park Hill Primary School

“Thank you so much for the amazing workshops, we will definitely invite you back, gracias!”

Rebecca Ward, King Edwards VI

“The best workshops we have ever had, very well organised, brilliant teacher!”

Vicky Bloore, Sutton Primary Academy


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